Not all asphalt crack repair products are alike, which is why every homeowner would do well to research available products including their durability and ease of application as well as cost! It’s also vital to note when a property owner should avoid using asphalt crack repair products and should instead call a professional asphalt repair contractor near them.

The highest-rated asphalt crack repair products include Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield, Sakrete of North America Blacktop Filler, and Road Rescue Patch. These products are typically rated as durable, easy to apply, and compatible with virtually any asphalt paving mixture.

Before you purchase an asphalt crack repair product and attempt DIY pavement repairs, you might note some reasons why this work is often best left to the pros. It’s also good to consider common reasons for asphalt damage, so you can avoid otherwise unnecessary repairs in the first place!

asphalt crack repair midland txIf you do want to attempt DIY asphalt crack repair, it’s also helpful to review some simple but vital tips for ensuring this work is done properly and that your repairs last as long as possible. Remember to discuss these details with an asphalt crack repair contractor near you as needed, as he or she might offer more personalized suggestions for your property in particular.

The Best Asphalt Crack Repair Products

While name brand products come and go, and changes to their manufacturing process might increase or even decrease their reliability and durability, it’s good to know what to look for when it comes to the best asphalt crack repair products. First ensure you’re choosing a product meant for a certain type of damage; crack filler isn’t strong enough to fill potholes, for instance. Concrete filler won’t necessarily adhere to asphalt either, as concrete base is comprised of sand, gravel, and other aggregates, and not the same petroleum products as asphalt.

Water-activated asphalt crack repair products are often the best, as water softens asphalt materials, making it easy to fill cracks and chips. Adding water means an extra step than using asphalt crack repair products from a squeeze tube or bottle, but that step might be worth the prolonged life of your repairs!

Tips for Using Asphalt Crack Repair Products

One reason DIY pavement repair doesn’t tend to last is that homeowners might fail to use asphalt crack repair products properly. Reading and following instructions is always vital for any home repair involving over-the-counter products, but especially for pavement repairs, to ensure a driveway’s surface is strong and durable and resistant to harsh weather.

When using pothole repair products, ensure you also use a specialty tool that tamps or pushes the patching compound into the opening. Tamping asphalt repair products also compresses the materials, creating a durable compound less likely to separate over time. It’s also good to widen the chip or crack first, allowing added space for this tamping process and ensuring you’ve exposed solid asphalt to which your repair materials will adhere.

It’s also vital to perform asphalt repairs before winter weather arrives. Once snow and ice settle into cracks, chips, and potholes, they eventually melt so that blacktop then absorbs all that moisture, becoming prone to more cracks. As that moisture expands, it also presses against asphalt, weakening its base.

Common Reasons for Asphalt Damage

To better understand common reasons for asphalt damage, first note the nature of asphalt itself. Blacktop is made from a liquid petroleum base; this base is mixed with cement binders and aggregate and applied while still soft and pliable. Rollers press asphalt into place, also compacting those materials together; as it dries, asphalt hardens and becomes pavement.

How to Avoid Asphalt Driveway Crack Repair

While asphalt breaks down eventually no matter its quality, there are many things a homeowner might do to keep asphalt in good repair and avoid the use of asphalt crack repair products! Note a few quick tips for keeping your pavement in good condition and avoiding otherwise unnecessary asphalt driveway crack repair.

When to Avoid Using Asphalt Crack Repair Products

Never assume that asphalt crack repair products provide the same quality repairs as a paving contractor near you! It’s also vital for homeowners to remember that the money you might spend on repair after repair is often better spend on a chip seal or new layer of asphalt altogether, as these will provide a strong and durable surface for many years to come.

Most patching compounds are also insufficient for large scale repairs, such as surface spalling or potholes larger than the size of your hand. Patching compounds and other asphalt crack repair products are not designed to hold two pieces of asphalt together, so call a paving contractor near you for chips and broken areas of asphalt needing repairs.


A homeowner should never avoid needed driveway crack repair in Midland, TX. Asphalt absorbs water, corrosive chemicals, and other materials through surface spalling, cracks, chips, potholes, and other openings, making that damage worse the longer it’s ignored.

Do-it-yourself asphalt crack repair in Midland, TX, is not always the answer to this damage. Patching compounds and materials vary in quality and durability so that your repairs might not last as long as expected, wasting your time and money. It’s also vital that an asphalt contractor in Midland, Texas, determine the reason for asphalt damage before making repairs, to ensure their work lasts as long as possible.

Figuring Asphalt Crack Repair in Midland, Texas, Costs

While some asphalt repair contractors might charge by the hour, many will perform a quality inspection of your property and note needed repairs including their cause, and then offer a flat-rate estimate based on the extent of damage and requested repairs. Simple pothole and crack patching might cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per patch, depending on the size of each pothole or crack needing repairs.

Severe spalling or lots of cracks along an asphalt driveway might require a chip seal or fresh asphalt layer. These processes might cost $2000 or more, depending on the size of your home’s driveway and thickness of that new asphalt layer.

In many cases, a new asphalt layer might be applied over the current driveway, depending on its condition and depth. That new asphalt layer needs a solid foundation under it, so an old and severely broken driveway might need a full tear-out rather than a fresh asphalt layer. A chip seal is also not meant to cover lots of deep cracks and potholes, so it’s not always a solution for severe asphalt crack repair on Midland, Texas, properties.

What Is a Chip Seal for Midland, Texas, Properties?

When calling Midland asphalt paving contractors, you might be offered a chip seal or chip sealant as a solution for severe cracks, chips, and other damage. If you’ve never had a driveway chip sealed, you might wonder how this installation process works and if it’s the right choice for your home’s driveway.

To understand a chip sealant, first note how asphalt itself is installed. Asphalt consists of a petroleum based substance mixed with cement binders and aggregates. This material is poured onto a surface while still warm and soft and then rolled or pressed into place. Rolling compacts those materials together, and the entire mixture hardens as it dries.

A chip seal uses the same materials but a different application. During a chip seal or tar and chip in Midland, TX, liquid asphalt is sprayed onto a surface and then aggregates added over it. This material is then pressed into place and allowed to harden.

As a chip seal contains the same materials as asphalt, it provides a strong and sturdy surface and a fresh appearance for your home’s driveway. However, a chip seal is not as thick as standard asphalt, which is why it’s often used as a coating process. Also, a chip seal is not designed to seep into deep cracks and potholes so it’s not always the best solution for severe asphalt damage.

When to Avoid DIY Asphalt Crack Repair Products

Asphalt crack repair in Midland is often more complicated than homeowners realize, which is why it’s good to call a pavement contractor near you for more extensive repairs. One reason for this, as mentioned, is that a pavement contractor ensures the cause of damage is addressed when possible.

For example, standing water underneath asphalt will only cause repeated damage over the years. A contractor might suggest better property grading or a retaining wall, to keep soil healthy and avoid excess moisture. A paving contractor might also notice lots of oil stains or other signs of preventable damage and offer suggestions for keeping your property’s asphalt in good condition.

An asphalt repair contractor in Midland also notes when repairs are not enough to keep asphalt strong and safe for driving. Severe surface spalling, large cracks, chipped asphalt, and potholes might indicate structural damage so that your property’s asphalt will just continue to crack and chip over time. While a fresh layer of asphalt or full tear-out and asphalt installation might be more expensive than repairs initially, that fresh asphalt will last longer and help avoid otherwise unnecessary repair bills over time.

Why Choose Asphalt Installation for a Midland, TX, Property?

While some homeowners still choose standard concrete for their property’s driveway, asphalt is quickly becoming a favorite choice as well, and with good reason! If you’ve never thought about asphalt or a tar and chip driveway rather than concrete, note a few of its advantages and why it’s an excellent choice for virtually any residential lot.

It’s also good to compare asphalt crack repair in Midland costs to concrete repair costs. In many cases, asphalt repairs are far cheaper and a chip and seal option allows for a fresh new surface along your home’s driveway for less cost than a new concrete driveway! Asphalt is often cheaper to install and cheaper to repair, making it an excellent choice for any Midland property.


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If you’re planning a visit to Big Spring or nearby Midland, or if you live in the area and are just looking for something fun and exciting to do, consider a few suggestions. You’re sure to find lots to see and enjoy in Big Spring, TX, this weekend no matter the weather.

Big Spring State Park

As the name implies, the Big Spring State Park is an outdoor state park covering almost 400 acres. The park is famous for its poinsettias and offers lots of room for stargazing as well as simply enjoying nature. There are also a few rustic log cabins on the park as well as a 200-foot bluff perfect for mountain lovers. The 3-mile loop also provides space for jogging and bike riding while the generous number of picnic tables ensures you’ll enjoy a full day at Big Spring State Park.

Hangar 25 Air Museum

If you love all things related to aviation, then you must visit the Hangar 25 Air Museum! This military museum boasts a wide collection of current and historical planes that both adults and kids are sure to love. The museum itself is housed in a fully restored WWII era hangar, making your visit and your surroundings as authentic as possible. The staff at Hangar 25 Air Museum is known to be especially friendly and helpful so bring your questions and get ready to spend an entire day checking out their aircraft and other displays.

Comanche Trail Lake

When it’s time to head outdoors, you’ll want to hit Comanche Trail Lake. This lake offers acres and acres of bird watching, fishing, and swimming, as well as pristine nature surrounding it on all sides. You might also bring your kayak or canoe and spend some time on the water, while the many picnic tables and clearings on the shore offer lots of shady spots for enjoying lunch or just relaxing and watching the clouds go by!

At Midland Asphalt Paving, we’re proud to call the Big Spring, Texas, area home, and especially proud of the work offered by our Big Spring paving contractors. The entire team at Midland Asphalt Paving is dedicated to customer service and ensuring that you’re happy with your paving servicing, including asphalt installation and crack repair, for years to come. We stand behind all our work with an industry-leading warranty that you can trust! Our Big Spring, TX, paving contractors are also happy to work with every homeowner and commercial property owner in helping them choose the best paving type, thickness, and time of installation for their driveway or parking lot in particular. Whatever your needs for new asphalt, driveway crack repair, chip sealant, or other paving installation and repair needs, call the pros at Midland Asphalt Paving today!


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