7 Reasons to Choose Asphalt Paving in Midland TX Over Concrete Every Time!

October 7, 2019

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Asphalt paving in Midland TX is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial properties, providing a surface material that is considered superior to concrete in many ways. Even homeowners are appreciating the benefits of asphalt paving for a Midland TX home versus standard concrete or gravel driveways, while more owners of schools and recreational centers are choosing asphalt for tennis courts, basketball courts, and other play areas as well

If you’re a homeowner or are in charge of property maintenance for a commercial facility, you might note some vital reasons why asphalt paving in Midland TX beats concrete every time! You can then make the best choice for your property when it comes to driveways, parking lots, roadways, and other areas, and know what to discuss with your Midland TX asphalt paving contractor.

 Asphalt paving in Midland TX reduces glare

The dark color of asphalt paving in Midland TX means less glare for drivers, an important consideration for added safety on your property! Light gray concrete might reflect the sun and get in the way of clear visibility, potentially increasing the risk of collisions and other driving hazards.

It is true that you can paint concrete and reduce that glare, but that paint will typically chip, crack, and fade easily and especially the more traffic over that concrete. Paint also need reapplication over the years to hide stains and other imperfections, making asphalt easier to maintain and safer overall.

Asphalt is more flexible than concrete

The binders holding concrete together are stiff and rigid, so that concrete is more prone to cracking and chipping than asphalt. Heavy vehicles and bitter cold temperatures, as well as seasonal freeze-thaw cycles, add to the brittle nature of concrete and its risk of cracking, chipping, and spalling.

Since Midland TX asphalt paving is more flexible and less rigid, it isn’t as likely to chip, crack, or spall along the surface. While potholes might form in asphalt, fewer cracks and chips means a safer driving and walking surface than concrete.

An asphalt paving company in Midland TX makes quick work of asphalt replacement

Both asphalt and concrete will eventually break down and suffer so much damage that repairs are no longer an option, and the pavement must be torn up and replaced. Concrete removal might require heavy-duty saws and even jackhammers to bust up the material into manageable chunks, whereas asphalt requires far less work to break down and remove.

As asphalt is much easier for an asphalt paving company in Midland TX to remove than concrete, this job is often faster and less expensive overall. You can then have a new driveway, parking lot, or other surface in less time and for less cost than if you choose concrete for paving.

 Asphalt crack repair in Midland TX is also easier than concrete repair

While it’s good to call an asphalt paving company in Midland TX for large potholes, missing chunks or broken pieces of asphalt, and other major repair work, a homeowner or property owner can often perform minor asphalt repair on their own. Asphalt repair mixes are simple to blend and these mixes melt into small potholes and chips relatively easily, without the work of mixing concrete batches and using trowels and other hand tools to apply them. You can then save time and effort on asphalt repairs in Midland TX over the years, versus the expense and work of regular concrete repair!

Chip sealing is also an option for needed asphalt repairs in Midland TX. Chip seals are fresh asphalt applied in layers over damaged asphalt and then pressed into place. Chip sealants fill in small imperfections while creating a smooth and attractive surface, for far less cost that concrete repaving.

Asphalt paving in Midland TX sets very quickly

Concrete typically requires a full week, if not even longer, to set and cure completely. Asphalt paving in Midland TX, on the other hand, rarely requires more than a day to set and be ready for vehicle and foot traffic! For busy families or businesses that cannot close up their driveways and parking lots for extended periods of time, asphalt paving is the better choice over concrete.

The dark color of asphalt means greater contrast for lines and signage

Most if not all commercial parking lots and entryways will have lines, signage, wording, and other markings right on the pavement. The dark color of asphalt provides a strong, contrasting background for these markings, allowing them to stand out more readily even at night. If your company needs lots of parking spaces, handicap signs, directional arrows, driving direction, and other verbiage and markings on the pavement, consider the benefits of dark asphalt paving in Midland TX!

Asphalt paving in Midland TX is cheaper than concrete

Asphalt paving in Midland TX is often cheaper than concrete, and often by a very large margin! A homeowner or commercial property owner could have hundreds if not even thousands of dollars on the cost of paving installation by choosing asphalt over concrete, something that is especially vital for those who own and manage large properties and extensive roadways.

Other benefits of asphalt paving in Midland TX versus concrete

While these are the major benefits of asphalt paving in Midland TX versus concrete, you might note a few other advantages of asphalt versus concrete for your paving needs:

  • The porous nature of asphalt allows it to absorb sound waves, creating an quieter outside environment.
  • Softer asphalt means less stress underfoot, something to consider if you’re paving a basketball court, tennis court, or other play area.
  • The bumpier texture of asphalt paving in Midland TX often means less risk of cars skidding on the pavement and fewer collisions and accidents.
  • The naturally dark color of asphalt can provide an excellent contrast to lawns and landscaping, without the need to paint.
  • The dark color of asphalt holds heat in wintertime so ice and snow melt more readily. While you might not need a warmer asphalt paving in Midland TX as much as you would elsewhere, this features does mean less work and less need for snow salt when the area does experience wintertime weather!




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