How Much Should Asphalt Crack Repair in Midland, TX, Cost?

May 1, 2020

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A homeowner should never avoid needed driveway crack repair in Midland, TX. Asphalt absorbs water, corrosive chemicals, and other materials through surface spalling, cracks, chips, potholes, and other openings, making that damage worse the longer it’s ignored.

Do-it-yourself asphalt crack repair in Midland, TX, is not always the answer to this damage. Patching compounds and materials vary in quality and durability so that your repairs might not last as long as expected, wasting your time and money. It’s also vital that an asphalt contractor in Midland, Texas, determine the reason for asphalt damage before making repairs, to ensure their work lasts as long as possible.

Figuring Asphalt Crack Repair in Midland, Texas, Costs

While some asphalt repair contractors might charge by the hour, many will perform a quality inspection of your property and note needed repairs including their cause, and then offer a flat-rate estimate based on the extent of damage and requested repairs. Simple pothole and crack patching might cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per patch, depending on the size of each pothole or crack needing repairs.

Severe spalling or lots of cracks along an asphalt driveway might require a chip seal or fresh asphalt layer. These processes might cost $2000 or more, depending on the size of your home’s driveway and thickness of that new asphalt layer.

In many cases, a new asphalt layer might be applied over the current driveway, depending on its condition and depth. That new asphalt layer needs a solid foundation under it, so an old and severely broken driveway might need a full tear-out rather than a fresh asphalt layer. A chip seal is also not meant to cover lots of deep cracks and potholes, so it’s not always a solution for severe asphalt crack repair on Midland, Texas, properties.

What Is a Chip Seal for Midland, Texas, Properties?

When calling Midland asphalt paving contractors, you might be offered a chip seal or chip sealant as a solution for severe cracks, chips, and other damage. If you’ve never had a driveway chip sealed, you might wonder how this installation process works and if it’s the right choice for your home’s driveway.

To understand a chip sealant, first note how asphalt itself is installed. Asphalt consists of a petroleum based substance mixed with cement binders and aggregates. This material is poured onto a surface while still warm and soft and then rolled or pressed into place. Rolling compacts those materials together, and the entire mixture hardens as it dries.

A chip seal uses the same materials but a different application. During a chip seal or tar and chip in Midland, TX, liquid asphalt is sprayed onto a surface and then aggregates added over it. This material is then pressed into place and allowed to harden.

As a chip seal contains the same materials as asphalt, it provides a strong and sturdy surface and a fresh appearance for your home’s driveway. However, a chip seal is not as thick as standard asphalt, which is why it’s often used as a coating process. Also, a chip seal is not designed to seep into deep cracks and potholes so it’s not always the best solution for severe asphalt damage.

When to Avoid DIY Asphalt Crack Repair Products

Asphalt crack repair in Midland is often more complicated than homeowners realize, which is why it’s good to call a pavement contractor near you for more extensive repairs. One reason for this, as mentioned, is that a pavement contractor ensures the cause of damage is addressed when possible.

For example, standing water underneath asphalt will only cause repeated damage over the years. A contractor might suggest better property grading or a retaining wall, to keep soil healthy and avoid excess moisture. A paving contractor might also notice lots of oil stains or other signs of preventable damage and offer suggestions for keeping your property’s asphalt in good condition.

An asphalt repair contractor in Midland also notes when repairs are not enough to keep asphalt strong and safe for driving. Severe surface spalling, large cracks, chipped asphalt, and potholes might indicate structural damage so that your property’s asphalt will just continue to crack and chip over time. While a fresh layer of asphalt or full tear-out and asphalt installation might be more expensive than repairs initially, that fresh asphalt will last longer and help avoid otherwise unnecessary repair bills over time.

Why Choose Asphalt Installation for a Midland, TX, Property?

While some homeowners still choose standard concrete for their property’s driveway, asphalt is quickly becoming a favorite choice as well, and with good reason! If you’ve never thought about asphalt or a tar and chip driveway rather than concrete, note a few of its advantages and why it’s an excellent choice for virtually any residential lot.

  • Porous asphalt absorbs noise and vibrations, creating a more comfortable exterior and interior environment.
  • Asphalt is softer than concrete, providing more shock absorption. This is a vital consideration for anyone with children who play in the driveway or if you are also paving a tennis court, basketball court, or other such recreational spot on your property.
  • Darker pavement avoids glare even during the brightest of summer days, an important reason to consider asphalt installation in Midland, Texas!
  • Asphalt’s dark color offers lots of contrast against a yard and landscaping features, allowing them to stand out and get noticed. A dark asphalt driveway also sets your property apart from the neighbors!
  • If you notice your home’s driveway seems rundown and dirty, note that the dark color of asphalt also hides a wealth of stains and discoloration. You might spend far less time power washing your home’s driveway when you choose asphalt versus concrete.

It’s also good to compare asphalt crack repair in Midland costs to concrete repair costs. In many cases, asphalt repairs are far cheaper and a chip and seal option allows for a fresh new surface along your home’s driveway for less cost than a new concrete driveway! Asphalt is often cheaper to install and cheaper to repair, making it an excellent choice for any Midland property.


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