Is It Necessary to Sealcoat Asphalt in Midland Texas?

December 24, 2019

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Sealcoating asphalt in Midland Texas is an excellent choice for any property owner, as a coat of sealant protects asphalt from excessive wear and tear and otherwise unnecessary damage. The cost of seal coating in Midland is offset by the investment in your pavement and its long-term care.

Despite the advantages of sealcoating asphalt in Midland TX, some property owners still try to forego this cost, perhaps assuming that it’s unnecessary and doesn’t offer many benefits. While every property owner needs to make the best decision for the care and maintenance of their concrete while also considering their budget, you might note some important reasons why it’s good to schedule sealcoating for asphalt in Midland every year or as recommended. It’s also good to consider a few tips for keeping asphalt and concrete in good repair over the years!

What Is a Seal Coat Asphalt in Texas?

First understand what is meant by seal coating asphalt in Texas. A seal coat is a thin layer of protective materials spread over asphalt and then allowed to dry and harden. This protective layer keeps out water, corrosive motor oil and other fluids, and protects asphalt from exposure to sunlight, chemicals, drying dirt, and other debris.

Seal coating asphalt is not meant to fill in cracks and other damage but does help to stop that damage from occurring in the first place! Asphalt tends to absorb pooling water, snow clearing salt and other chemicals, mud, and other such debris, leading to water damage of its lower layers. Corrosive motor oil breaks down the binders in asphalt so it splits and cracks and breaks apart, whereas seal coating keeps those materials away from the asphalt itself.

A seal coat of Midland TX asphalt also keeps the material protected from harsh sunlight and bitter cold, both of which cause asphalt to become brittle and then crack and split. Asphalt is also less likely to discolor and fade to an unsightly ashen gray color when you choose regular parking lot and driveway seal coating in Midland TX.

Is It Necessary to Sealcoat Asphalt in Midland Texas?

It’s beneficial for property owners to sealcoat asphalt in any area, but especially in Midland and other Texas cities! One reason for this is harsh Midland Texas sunlight, which dries out asphalt and creates spalling and other surface damage. Sealcoating provides a protective barrier between blacktop and sunlight, as said.

Texas might not be known for harsh winters but cold weather can arrive quickly and with little warning. Constant and sudden freeze-thaw cycles also dry out asphalt and create a greater risk for cracking and other such damage. Seal coating asphalt in Midland TX protects pavement from damage due to any sudden and extreme changes in weather.

The dry weather of Texas is also a consideration for property owners. Asphalt cracks when it’s dry and brittle, which is another reason to protect it with constant seal coating in Midland TX. A layer of sealant locks in moisture and keeps asphalt pliable and soft and less likely to crack, split, or otherwise crumble under dry Texas weather.

How Long Does a Seal Coat on Asphalt in Midland TX Last?

It’s vital that a property owner understand how long a seal coat on asphalt in Midland Texas last, as you don’t want to continuously add layer on top of layer of seal coating. Too much seal coating material is simply a waste of time and money, as extra layers of sealant don’t offer extra protection!

Most seal coating treatments last from 1 to 3 years, depending on vehicle traffic. For example, a residential driveway for a home with just 2 or 3 vehicles driving over it every day might need sealcoating every 3 years. A parking lot with lots of everyday traffic, however, should probably be sealcoated annually, for maximum protection.

Once you notice your property’s asphalt beginning to fade or if you can see the original colors of the stones that make up the aggregate of asphalt, it’s time for fresh sealcoating. An asphalt paving contractor in Midland TX can also inspect your property’s asphalt and note its overall condition and if it’s time for new sealcoating.

Mistakes to Avoid with Driveway Sealcoating in Midland TX

While sealcoating a Midland TX driveway, parking lot, and other surface is an excellent choice for any property owner, you want to avoid thinking that sealcoating is the same as repairing cracks and other damage. A seal coat will fill in very minor imperfections and damage along the surface of asphalt but is not meant to repair cracks, chips, spalling, and other blemishes.

It’s also good to avoid DIY sealcoating in Midland TX. Simply spreading sealcoating material over your property’s asphalt is not sufficient for ensuring a level and even surface, and for ensuring that your sealant seeps into all the cracks and crevices of asphalt as it should. An asphalt paving contractor in Midland TX has the proper tools and knowhow for proper sealcoating application.

It’s also vital that you don’t wait too long for asphalt seal coating, as every day you go without proper sealant materials on your property’s pavement is a day that it suffers added wear and tear and exposure to harsh elements. Never assume that sealcoating is just a cosmetic fix or only needed for parking lots and roadways, but ensure you have this process done as often as recommended by an asphalt paving contractor near you.

How to Keep Asphalt in Midland TX in Good Condition

To keep your property’s asphalt in good condition, invest in regular power washing services, to remove corrosive motor oil and other fluids. Avoid using harsh, sharp materials on your asphalt such as snow blowers, plows, and other such tools, so you don’t scrape away sealcoating and dislodge asphalt aggregate.

Watering down asphalt during summertime so you keep it cool and avoid cracking due to heat also ensures asphalt stays in good condition. Brush away debris as well as snow clearing salt and lawn care chemicals throughout the year, so these don’t corrode asphalt.

Your asphalt paving contractor in Midland TX can also provide some tips and advice on keeping pavement in good repair. Along with a regular sealcoat of asphalt in Midland Texas, you’ll then have a parking lot or driveway that looks its best and is protected throughout the year.

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