Should You Call a Midland Asphalt Contractor or DIY the Project?

August 9, 2020

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Hiring a Midland, TX, asphalt contractor for new paving or blacktop repairs might seem a bit expensive, and many homeowners especially often assume that they can watch online tutorial videos and rent the equipment needed for asphalt installation and needed fixes. However, there are many reasons why it’s vital that you invest in the cost of an asphalt installation company in Midland when needed, and especially for new pavement pouring.

Before you start pricing equipment rental and searching for those tutorial videos, note when it’s vital that you rely on a pavement pro instead. You might also consider some quick tips for asphalt repairs and ensuring your property’s blacktop is in good condition over the years.

Call a Midland Asphalt Contractor for Fresh Asphalt

No matter the project, it’s vital that you rely on a professional contractor for asphalt installation in Midland, TX. Installing fresh asphalt involves much more than just pouring it on the area to be paved and then pressing it into place; one crucial step homeowners often overlook is checking soil conditions to note if the property needs grading or other such drainage, to protect asphalt from water damage.

Asphalt is also poured over an aggregate base or foundation, which holds it in place and keeps it from sinking into the ground below. That aggregate base needs proper pressing before asphalt installation, so it’s solid and durable and holds asphalt as needed.

An asphalt installation contractor in Midland is also your best source of advice for choosing proper asphalt thickness! Your new blacktop needs to be thick enough to withstand everyday vehicle traffic; however, you also don’t want to pay for asphalt that is thicker than needed.

Also, you can repave asphalt by adding new layers over the years, but only to a certain thickness and depth. Installing too much asphalt means not being able to repave over it as often as you would otherwise, so you then need to invest in a tear-out and new asphalt installation. Your asphalt contractor in Midland TX can note the right depth and ensure your new pavement is strong but overly thick and wasteful.

An Asphalt Contractor in Midland Can Evaluate Needed Repairs

No matter the material’s quality and the quality of your installer, asphalt will need repairs eventually. However, if you seem to be investing too much money in repairs over the years, it’s time to call a Midland asphalt crack repair contractor before performing yet another DIY job! He or she can typically inspect asphalt and note the reasons for excessive fixes.

As an example, harsh Texas sunlight dries out asphalt, leading to cracks, spalling, and other such damage. Water under the asphalt weakens the material while motor oil and other corrosive chemicals break down asphalt binders, leading to chips and cracks. Without determining the cause of repeated damage, you’re just going to make those same repairs over and over and then need new asphalt sooner rather than later. Your asphalt paving contractor in Midland can save you that time and expense by noting how you might keep your pavement in good repair and avoid otherwise unnecessary fixes.

Call a Midland Asphalt Contractor Before Tearing Out Existing Blacktop

Eventually asphalt breaks down and needs replacing; however, before you decide to remove existing asphalt and install fresh blacktop, you might consult with a Midland asphalt paving contractor. He or she might recommend a chip sealant, which consists of a layer of liquid asphalt and then a layer of aggregate, pressed into current asphalt. This provides a new top layer of blacktop that often extends pavement life by several years.

Large luxury stone home with circular driveway

If a tar and chip isn’t sufficient for repairing damaged asphalt, a new asphalt layer might be a better choice! This new layer covers the existing asphalt, providing a solid, secure surface. New asphalt layers are typically far cheaper than a full tear-out, so don’t hesitate to ask a Midland asphalt contractor if it’s an option for your property.

Don’t Attempt Large-Scale Repairs on Your Own

A homeowner or commercial property owner might fill in small asphalt cracks and potholes; however, large-scale repairs are best left to a Midland, TX, asphalt crack repair contractor! Note that over-the-counter crack repair and filler materials are not meant to hold sections of broken asphalt together and not strong enough to provide a base for large potholes.

Spalling and uneven surfaces might also indicate water damage under asphalt, as said, and simply covering these over with a sealcoat or other materials won’t address those underlying problems. You also don’t want to ignore spalling, swirl marks, and other signs of damage either! Other than small cracks and chips or tiny potholes, it’s best to rely on the expertise of a Midland asphalt crack repair expert.

Keeping Asphalt in Good Repair Over the Years

While a Midland, TX, asphalt installation contractor is your best source of advice for ensuring your property’s pavement is in good repair, you might note some added tips for keeping blacktop looking its best. Regular power washing removes corrosive motor oil and other chemicals, as well as dust, dirt, and other debris. This service protects your blacktop from damage while ensuring a fresh, clean look.

Sealcoating is also vital for protecting asphalt. Sealcoating provides a layer of protection between pavement and harsh sunlight, excess water, lawn care chemicals, motor oil, and other damaging debris. Sealcoating also keeps asphalt strong so it’s not as likely to break down under the weight of heavy vehicles. Most properties benefit from sealcoating every two to three years, but consider annual sealant application if your asphalt needs to withstand heavy vehicle traffic or is always exposed to chemicals, motor oil, and other corrosive materials.

Texas properties might also benefit from regular rinsing of asphalt, to keep it as cool as possible. It’s also vital that you fill in potholes and cracks quickly, to protect lower layers from absorbing water and then softening and cracking. Your Midland asphalt installation contractor can also offer suggestions for keeping your property’s blacktop in excellent condition over the years.


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