What to Do in Odessa Texas This Weekend!

January 16, 2020

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Odessa, Texas, is a beautiful little city in southwest Texas, in the heart of the oil and gas industry in that state. There is always something to see and do in Odessa or any of its neighboring cities, including attractions for everyone in the family. If you’re ready to enjoy the warm Texas sunshine or need something to do indoors where it’s cool and comfortable, check out these great attractions to do in Odessa, Texas, this weekend.

The Stonehenge Replica

If you’ve ever wanted to see Stonehenge up close but don’t want to travel out of the United States, check out the Stonehenge Replica in Odessa! Located on the campus of the University of Texas, the Stonehenge Replica contains about 20 stone blocks that are very similar in size and shape to the original Stonehenge in England. The display was unveiled in 2004 and garners hundreds of visitors every year who appreciate being able to see one of the marvels of today’s world up close and personal!

McKinney Park Sprayground

If you and the kids are looking for something to do outdoors while keeping cool under the hot Texas sun, consider McKinney Park Sprayground. This water park offers sports courts and picnic areas, but of course the main attraction is the spray playground, with lots of water features for keeping cool. The water play area is built to resemble an oil tower, as an homage to the oil industry that is so vital to the residents of Odessa.

The Odessa Meteor Crater

If you’ve ever wondered what a meteor does to the earth on impact, you can see for yourself at the Odessa Meteor Crater! Located southwest of the city of Odessa, the Odessa Meteor Crater shows the impact of a meteor that landed in the area over 60,000 years ago! The crater is some 100 feet deep and has since become overgrown with flora and fauna but is still worth a visit if you’d like to see just dangerous such meteors are and what they leave behind when they hit.

The Ellen Noel Art Museum

Also located on the University of Texas grounds, the Ellen Noel Art Museum features a sculpture garden as well as various exhibits from local and international artists. There are also many cultural programs you might enjoy including lectures and guided tours, a perfect choice for anyone interested in art in all its forms.

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