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Working with Asphalt Paving Midland Texas requires a different set of skills to using concrete and other materials, so if you’re planning on using it then you’ll need to make sure that you’re working with a professional. If you get the mix wrong or don’t do a proper job of your parking lot paving, you can find yourself paying more in the long run as maintenance costs start to kick in.

The good news is that here at TM Asphalt Paving Midland, we’ve been using asphalt paving for almost as long as we can remember thanks to our 45 years of experience working in and around the area. We know that we’re only as good as our last job, which is why we always give it our best no matter whether we’re working on a residential asphalt driveway installation or whether we’re working on huge commercial parking lots.

In fact, we’ll take on any job in the area, and no project is too big or too small. We also pride ourselves on the fact that we keep the asphalt driveway cost as low as possible through the responsible use of both time and resources, and we pass those savings on to our customers, too. That’s why we believe we’re the best value asphalt paving contractors in the Midland Texas area. Get in touch with us to find out more!

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Why Invest in Asphalt Paving in Midland TX?

You’re probably wondering “why asphalt?” Well, one of the big advantages is that it’s typically much cheaper to install than concrete. In fact, while concrete used to be the material of choice for roads, driveways, parking lots, and other paved areas, asphalt quickly took over when people realized that it comes out on top for versatility and durability when used correctly.

One of the big advantages of asphalt is that it’s more flexible than concrete and other materials. For example, while concrete cracks and breaks, asphalt bends and holds together before snapping back into shape. Asphalt is also easier to repair and replace, and unlike concrete, it’s 100% recyclable. It can also be used a lot more quickly after its installation than concrete and other competing products.

In fact, the only real risk with asphalt driveways is that it’s possible to get the proportions wrong or to mix up a batch of asphalt that isn’t up to standard. That’s why it’s so important to work with an asphalt paving company in Midland, TX with the experience they’ll need to get the job done properly.

So if you’re ready to find out more about driveway paving then get in touch. We’re a local company with years of experience and a good reputation. Oh, and we’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done to the best of our ability. What more could you ask for? Contact us to get your driveway paving estimate today!

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"TM Asphalt Paving Midland were great to work with, really good contractor. The owner Tommy is very professional and his team got the job done quickly and effectively. A very smooth experience from beginning to end. I highly recommend them for all your asphalt paving needs. Thanks!"
- Candy P.

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Here at TM Asphalt Paving Midland, we’re different to other paving companies because we have 45 years of experience in the industry and over ten years as an independent company. Get in touch with us today for your FREE estimate! Call us at (432) 287-1147
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