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Chip Seal in Midland Texas

Asphalt chip seal services

A chip ‘n’ seal driveway isn’t for everyone, but it can come in useful in certain circumstances including on roads and driveways that don’t see as much as traffic. The key is understanding when chip seals are the best option above concrete or regular asphalt.

The basic idea behind chip sealing is to create alternating layers of asphalt and aggregate. The reason why it’s a popular choice is that it’s usually cheaper than using regular asphalt or concrete, and while it might not be as durable as the other options, it’s better than leaving paths completely untreated.

One of the advantages to using chip seals is that they can stop water from getting into pavements and repair existing roads that would otherwise have needed completely resurfacing. It offers good skid resistance for passing vehicles while simultaneously protecting the road surface from aging and exposure to the elements.

Driveway Chip Seal in Midland Texas

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The Best Value Tar and Chip Cost

We don’t offer one-size-fits-all rates and so we’ll want to get to know a little more about the project you have in mind before we give you an estimate. Still, we pride ourselves on the fact that we keep costs as low as possible by focusing on efficiency and minimising the wastage of raw materials. You get what you pay for, and while we’re not necessarily the cheapest option on the market, we like to think we’re the best value.

On top of that, chip seals are already cheaper than other crack repair options, typically coming in at 15-20% of the price of pavement overlays. The technique comes in useful because as a regular asphalt pavement is worn down by traffic, it becomes more brittle and starts to come out in little cracks. Chip seals fill in those cracks and bind the pavement back together again.

Chip seals are also known as bituminous surface treatments (BSTs), and they’ve been in common usage since back in the 1920s. Not just anyone can do a good job, though. You need to get the mixture of binder and cover aggregate just right and if you get any one of the multiple layers wrong then it’s back to the drawing board. That’s why we recommend working with the experts — and if you’d like us to help out then we’ll be happy to!


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